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Portfolio of work from 2021

2021 has been a year of growth for both my work and my business.  I have experimented with different handle shapes on mugs, improved my slip trailing for garlic graters, testing carving ideas and then subsequently how my glazes run over them.  I’ve also finally made a collection of lidded pots and am so excited about them and how perfectly the lids fit after my initial experimentation and lessons learned.  I have so many more ideas and am looking forward to the continuation of my journey with clay next year.  One of the items on my list to make is earrings, so watch this space for more updates! 

Photo of Kirsten, the creator behind izzett design

My mugs are thrown and trimmed on the potters wheel.  I then often carve patterns in the clay before using a mini extruder for the handles.  The extruder I use is custom designed and I am working on finding the perfect extruded shape to create the most functional handle.  My background includes a degree in Interior Architecture so I am always looking to create functional works for the home that bring joy, not just from an aesthetic perspective but also from a usability point of view.  I want my work to become a favourite in the home because it is a pleasure to use and hold in the hand, particularly my for range of mugs.

Both my soap dishes and garlic graters are hand built by rolling out a slab of clay, cutting the desired shape, then adding additional pieces to form the sides and internal pieces.  The garlic graters have slip dots to create the grater section.
izzett design kiwi garlic grater

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